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More on the Fabled FAL - A Companion to The FAL Rifle

More on the Fabled FAL—A Companion to The FAL RIFLE


by R Blake Stevens
Deluxe First Edition, 2011
272 pages, 343 illustrations

This book is intended as a companion to the recently reprinted three volume omnibus title The FAL Rifle, which comprises our original studies titled North American FALs (1979), UK and Commonwealth FALs (1980), and The Metric FAL (1981).

The book begins with a historical retrospective on the 50 FAL prototypes, with new information on ordered FAL models as produced by Fabrique Nationale (FN).

An in-depth high-echelon workshop repair manual for the FAL rifle, titled Manuel de réparation et d'entretien du FAL (Manual of Repair and Maintenance [Procedures] for the FAL Rifle), under the general FN classification OREA (Outillage de Réparation et Entretien d'Arme (Tools for the Repair and Maintenance of Arms), was produced but never published by FN. A complete English translation of this manual occupies the central ten chapters of this new book. Very logically laid out with an illustrated breakdown of all the parts within each component group, the manual first establishes a set of inspection standards, and then follows up with detailed repair and replacement procedures for each component, including unbreeching and breeching the barrel. The recommended specialist tools are depicted and named, and their purpose(s) are fully described and illustrated.

Next we revisit the story of how the FAL was redimensioned and redrawn for production in non metric countries, beginning with new material on the interesting prototypes produced by Canadian Arsenals Ltd (CAL), the arbiter of the inch measurement conversion programme. More new material follows on the Rifle Steering Committee, which originally comprised members from Canada, Britain and the United States, and later, after the US had dropped out and unilaterally adopted the M14 rifle, Australia. Information from various sources and new photographs of the US T48, which was considered by many as the logical replacement for the M1 rifle, are included.

The book concludes with an authoritative retrospective on metric and Imperial barrel threads, barrel interchangeability, and official rebreeching instructions for the Canadian C1/C1A1 and British L1A1; an illustration of the latest investment cast FAL components—including the new “Type 4” receiver—and a Bibliography.

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Collector Grade Publications Gun and War books

The FAL Rifle
Deluxe Classic Edition, 1993


848 pages, 844 illustrations

Our first purpose-printed, Library-quality upgrade of this material. Contains every word originally published in the 3-volume FAL Series, under the following titles:

North American FALs
NATO's Search for a Standard Rifle

By R Blake Stavens (1979)

The development of the now-defunct Canadian Arsenals Limited (CAL) inch-measurement C1 and C2 rifles (later modified to C1A1 and C2A1 configuration) and the short-lived US T48, as made by FN and two old-line US gun companies, (both also now defunct), High Standard and H&R. Notes on all models, accessories, ammunition.

UK & Commonwealth FALS
Volume Two of the FAL Series

by R Blake Stevens (1980)

The story of the L1A1, the "other" inch-measurement FAL, as developed jointly by Britian and Australia with Canadian Arsenals Limited (CAL) as overall Design Authority. Extensive coverage of UK/Belgian/Canadian intermediate cartridge developments. Illustrates and describes many interesting rifle variations and numerous accessories.

The Metric FAL-the Free World's Right Arm
by R Blake Stevens and Jean Van Rutten (1981)

From prototype No 1 (in 7.92x33mm kurz calibre) to the latest PARA, HBAR (FALO) and LAR, this is the complete story of the FAL rifle as manufactured (under the metric system) by Belgium's famous Fabrique Nationale Herstal (FN) and Fn's liscensed (Metric) producers around the world. Contains priceless archieval material on all FAL prototypes plus other experimentals, accessories, and cortridge development. The FAL Rifle concludes with the comprehensive Fal Series Index to all 3 volumes.

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BLACK RIFLE II - The M16 Into the 21st Century

BLACK RIFLE II - The M16 Into the 21st Century

by Christopher R. Bartocci
Deluxe First Edition, 2004
408 pages, 626 illustrations

This new book is a sequel to the perennially popular 1987 Collector Grade title The Black Rifle, which is now in its fourth printing.

Amazingly, considering the storms of controversy which surrounded the light rifle program in its early days, the M16 has gone on to become the longest-serving shoulder arm in US history, and the benchmark against which any new military rifle, American or otherwise, must now be compared.

Even more astonishingly, the M16 today is at the center of a thriving, multi-million-dollar industry involving numerous companies and military agencies who are designing and manufacturing drop-in upper receivers in various configurations and calibers, plus complex rail systems and other high-tech accessories, all based on the M16 ³platform², which thereby grows more firmly established with each passing day.

This book chronicles all the new third- and fourth-generation rifle and carbine models which have been introduced by Colt and Diemaco since The Black Rifle was originally published, and describes and depicts the myriad of enhanced sights and rails systems which help make the M16s of today the most versatile, modular and effective combat weapons in the world. It also includes a comprehensive survey of the Colt semi-automatic-only family of commercial and law enforcement products, in .222 Remington, 5.56mm (.223 Remington), 9mm and 7.62x39mm, and an in-depth Reference Compendium of all Colt military and civilian models and components.

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Collector Grade Publications Gun and War books

The Black Rifle - M16 Retrospective


by R Blake Stevens and Edward C Ezell
Enhanced Second Edition, 1992
416 pages, 441 illustrations

A chilling study of small arms development and procurement in the post-Ordnance US small arms environment, wherein OSD 'whiz kids' arrogantly called the tune and shooting watermelons at a picnic passed for engineering development. Beginning with the Black Rifle's forebear the ArmaLite AR-10, through the small caliber/high velocity (SCHV) program at Aberdeen Proving Ground, the .22 Gustafson carbine, the .22/NATO T48 and the Springfield and Winchester .224 rifles, this is an in-depth examination of the many controversies surrounding the 5.56mm M16 'package' - where it came from; what it is; what it is not, and why.

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